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And the plot thickens!

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A duplicate bug has been identified with my current work in progress (WIP) bug: multi-edit. A user within the community requested for the ctrl-a key stroke to be used in order to edit multiple tags. At first I initally thought my patch incorpated key stroke since the changes that I made to enhance and develop this bug did not have impact on the programmability of the key strokes. However upon further investigation and testing I have identified a problem which needs to be resolved.

– ctrl+a within the tag folder, causes unexpected results: the bookmarks looses their tags.
– standard multiple select key stokes — ctrl+click and ctrl+shift + click comibnations, also causes unexpected results.
– the key stroke, ctrl+a works with regular folders (essentially, non-tags subfolders).

– tag a set of bookmarks with the value of “a”.
– click the “a” tag subfolder.
– enter “, b” to include a new tag.
– select the “search bookmarks” text box to update the tags (ie. trigger the onblur event)

Results: The bookmarks within the “a” tag subfolder disappears. The bookmark location within the regular folders remain the same.


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