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Demo #2 – Unit Testing

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For Demo #2 the only progress I made was fixing the pop-up bookmark editor and assertion problem. It was kind of discouraging to only have this much progress, but nonetheless I’m taking this opportunity to be more self-aware in my unit testing skills.

System enhancements are difficult to perform testing especially if there is no established unit testing framework. It can be very challenging to manage all impacts made especially if you are unfamiliar with the given code base. But nonetheless, reading and understanding all these impacts is essential in order to properly take the necessary actions.

It’s really a privilege to be in school and have the opportunity to refine your skills and knowledge within a luxurious set of deadlines. For the most part, in the real world deadlines really mean ASAP…Well thats all for now. I’m going to keep you guys posted on my self-learning (or re-learning) and hopefully share more of my experience and lessons learned.


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