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Demo #1 – Places API BugFixing Project

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This blog post seeks to provide an update of my DPS911 project: Places API BugFixing Project. This post also provides a storyboard style description of my progress.

Multi Edit or Bug 412002 -should be able to edit tags for multiple bookmarks at the same time, is the current active bug that I am working on. The official bug title explains what the bug hopes to achieve.

Figure 1 – Firefox 3: Places Bookmarks
The new Firefox 3 contains a significant amount of improvements and changes. One change that I want to highlight is the edit bookmark panel. In the FF3 source it is called editBookmarksOverlay.xul. The above link is showing my bookmarks items in the Bookmarks Menu folder.


Figure 2 – Bookmark Item Selected
When a bookmark item is selected the edit bookmark overlay panel loads text boxes that allow for bookmark attributes to be updated.

Figure 3 – Multi-Bookmarks Selected
When a user selects more than one bookmark item, either by using a ctrl+[mouse click] or shift+[mouse click]. The bookmark edit overlay panel loads only the ability to update the Tags bookmark attribute.

Figure 4 – Updated Tags
Here you can see that I have updated the tags from the bookmark items selected in Figure 4. I included the tag “sports” for the and bookmark item. One of the ways the update tag is triggered, is when anytime the textbox focus of the Tags bookmark attribute field is removed. The textbox focus refers to the event when the cursor is placed and exists within a given textbox.

There are problems with a conflicting event. An event triggers a function to change the edit bookmark panel every time a bookmark item is selected. In my current release I have provided a hack that seeks to ensure that the update tag function is called before the algorithm changes the edit bookmark panel. This hack requires more testing as I have noticed inconsistent results.

Figure 5 – Related Problems 1
The first related problem that I have identified with my patch is with the Bookmarks pop-up editor which is triggered every time a Ctrl + k is issued within the browser. The editor is suppose to be more compressed and the “Folder:” field should contain a bookmarks folder location, like Bookmarks Menu or Unfiled Bookmarks.

Figure 6 – Related Problem 2
Continued from the previous Figure, when a user selects the drop down button from the “Folder:” field an Assertion Failure is issued.


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