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Plans for Release 0.5

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For release 0.5 I was planning to work on the either the autocomplete or multi-ended bug. But before on deciding which one to start attacking, I wanted to discuss some of my plans and thoughts with my mentor / the team to see if this is the right focus.

During the discussion I found on that the tag editor bug has now gone into limbo. It seems that the tag editor was going to implemented by an external party so Dietrich suggested that its not a good bug to dwell on at the moment. I told him that I was willing to have any replacement for that bug (So it looks like going to have some time available to do more ‘for each’ js fixes on the trunk for mfinkle after all… :P)

So for my plans for release 05, we both agreed that working on the multi-ended bug would be the best focus. What I’m going to do is to first prototype the ability to “select multiple URIs and edit tags”.

Mind Mapping and Code Understanding

One method of researching and understanding code I want to commit to do is to try to produce a mind map. Mind mapping was introduce to me in my 12th grade physics class as a form of brainstorm and test/exam preparation technique. The motivation behind this was during last years work on the Coop. I had difficulties in trying to remember what function called each other and thus my editor was scattered with bookmarks.

My goal for mind mapping is not to produce every occurrences of each function as that is already provided in MXR but rather assist in providing a visual conceptual model view of what functions and components relate with each other within the Places API and Firefox itself.

I’m a visual learner so I hope the extra work in producing this can benefit me in the long run. I will produce this mind map on my main wiki page to share.

I found an open source mind mapping software called FreeMind. It is in its 0.x release so expect some rough edges but overall it does the job. It can export the mind map into various file versions like a doc or HTML.

Action Items Planned

– Find out where the changes need to be applied
– Research proposed solutions (MXR, Google, IRC)
– Try and test out solutions


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