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New Year New Project

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No more social networking integration… at least for now…I’ve been assigned a new project to work on Places API Bugfixing. It’s disappointing not to see The Coop being carried to 1.0 but the reality is there aren’t enough of a user base to continue developing (Another example of how marketing and evangelizing is crucial to a product life cycle). Maybe The Coop will have a re-birth somewhere down the line but wherever it goes I hope I can have the opportunity to be apart of it.

Despite the disappointment I think taking this project is a great opportunity for me to build on skills and principles of software development. All software have bugs and being able to have the right mindset, methodology, skill to manage and handle bugs is really important.

Whats even more cooler is that the work that I am contributing will be included in the release of Firefox 3!


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