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Brainstorming for Release 0.3 – Polishing Iteration 2

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For this release I will focus on providing user interface / usability enhancements. I will also look to resolve any development bugs or unexpected results that have occurred.

The brainstorming list of possible enhancements are:

  • For the current message display of friends and friend view, should I invest time in getting the messages as a description XUL element or should I leave it that way and try to beautify it a bit more?
  • I think I should try to find away of translating the timestamps from UTC to local time? My original assumptions are that Twitter’s API is translating the time a message is published, from local time to UTC. (Basically blaming Twitter’s API) Would there be a way to convert this back? Or is my assumptions wrong (And I’m the one to blame :P)
  • Drag and Drop. Any comments? Room of improvements? (Always I know but I’m up for it!) I notice that when you drag the person to a textbox in the actual browser it drops its Coop user number, should it drop its home page link? But if it drops its home page link then what about multiple accounts. Maybe it should drop something else? Or maybe we should let the user decide? But I think we got to build a managing use case for that.
  • Login? Thoughts on the new design? (I have to give credit to my coworkers for helping me brainstorm this!)
  • One known bug or unexpected results is the Facebook service currently being down. That needs a certain amount investigation but it would be cool to include the Facebook service with the drag and drop feature!

    Food for Thought: brainstorming ideas to stimulate both the Coop and the Desktop Social Integration project for DPS909:

  • In regards to researching and reflecting on the future of this generic social engine API …thingamabugger… based on my own experiences writing release 0.1 and 0.2, and the community ideas found in the Coop Mozilla Labs forum:
  • I agree with Myk Melez statement about differentiating the core functionality of the Coop from the services that integrate with it but I still stand with being cautious about overkilling the Coop and the concerns of raiph. But maybe a good action item is to compile a table of possible features in Coop and features with social services and their features that could be integrated with the Coop. So that it easy to communicate and manage this to both technical and non-technical users. This table should be interactive where editing is available. Maybe it could be built in a wiki! Because I agree with Myk Melez statement and also based on my own experiences that “…The challenge, of course, will be designing that core functionality and aggregation interface in a way that makes it possible to integrate all those sites and useful to do so.”

    I am also wondering how the architectural highlights of AllPeers resource framework could help and if there are any steps for the concerns of remote service-provided content from feeds. I haven’t had a chance to explore it but the the original discussion initiated from a post by an AllPeers team member but I thought I should mention this to stimulate ideas.

    Discussions of Service Manager from Stevo Bengston and lilmatt is another good place to do some researching and exploring in terms of reflecting on building a generic social API. Which brings me to my next point that I would like to share.

  • I casually got in contact with a developer/supporter of Flock couple nights ago and pointed me to the Flock code base and its IRC community. I want to share this resource as well.
  • <jeremy>    tjduavis: i still have to read scrollback here, but fyi, we have our own 
    IRC server ( feel free to come by and make inquiries ...    
    <jeremy>    tjduavis: also, we have lxr @ and 
    viewvc / trac @

  • In terms of looking forward to the future of Desktop Social Networking Integration, in my attempts to frame the problem and solutions by researching and reflecting about RH’s Online Desktop Project I would like to share some thoughts and findings.
  • One idea for the involvement of The Mugshot project is to provide some sort of server aggregator for the Coop handling content management.

    For my own reflections I would like to see personal information management type applications like Chandler, Thunderbird/Sunbird, or other vendor based products (Windows, Linux, Mac) get integrated. I think its important not only in the realm of network socializing but also in terms of organizing and managing contacts and its associated content (photos, videos, etc.) with daily workflows back into the browser. Building up on the idea of AllPeers’ view on contact lists being based on the browser as oppose to the IM, the desktop should be the intermediate between native desktop applications and browser based applications. Therefore the Coop and its generic API provides a bridge or adapter (not getting into the actual specific design pattern) to the browser.


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