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Ready for Release 0.2!

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So I’m ready to get this release 0.2 started and on the way so I just wanted to update you all on whats going down.

Got my requirements and specs drafted:

  • Fix bugs introduced in release 0.1
  • Fix bugs informed by stakeholder during their attempt to test release 0.1
    • After the login dialog, login process fails and produces a blank sidebar
  • Clean up features and functionalities
    • Order list of friends alphabetically
    • Use XUL description element for messages
    • Remove icons in The existing Coop
    • Replace release 0.1 timestamp format with user-readable timestamp (ex: “2 Days ago”)
    • Provide ability to merge users existing in different social services, with the same identity using drag and drop.

And I got the mozilla lab community to provide support.

Now want to get the Seneca Computer Studies open source community to get involved, so here are is another formal invitation to get on The Coop band wagon and sign up to contribute.

Get in contact with me in anyway!

Thanks and best regards!


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