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Milestone 1 – Release 0.1a Deliverable Outline

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The following needed to be changed as unexpected results were encountered with how I provided twitter messages during feedback for release 0.1.

Feature 2 now includes a status message per corresponding friends I have in Twitter.

Feature 3 now includes 20 most recent status messages. The maximum limit the Twitter API returns for a user’s status messages is 20.


Notes and Thoughts:

I have an issue in listing the status messages. I would imagine the timestamp and status messages per friend would be arranged in a descending order but I have some design issues to consider that could affect my current logic in adding my friend’s messages. The first issue is whether or not the messages is going to be deleted in the sqlite database since the friends do not get deleted. My tests in determining if the database contents get deleted upon exiting the program is when I tried to login into the twitter account unsuccessfully, (both The Coop authentication dialog and the http dialog) my twitter friends are displayed and the coop loads the main pane.

My second issue is with the user interface. I just used a textbox to simply display the messages for protoype purposes, but in terms of visual design and usability the textbox just does not work.

Lastly, there needs to be a visual and usability design in how various network services like Twitter should get initiated. Currently the user must select login from the “friends” menu (I have to find out how to change Login to be more distinct to Twitter as I used existing code for the default login name value for Facebook). Should the Coop refresh the sidebar panel to reflect the friends per social service, should it completely aggregate all friends for any successful logged social services, or should it be combination of both where the user can hide and un-hide friends per social service?

The above are my major design issues that became relevant to me once I started developing, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. The first applies directly to The Desktop Social Networking Integration project since the goal is to create a generic API/engine for The Coop and the other two just strictly applies to The Coop.

You can find the latest source code and patch from my project wiki. The code is very rough and requires a lot of refactoring.


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