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Milestone 1 – Release 0.1 Deliverable Outline

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The following attempts to describe and provide an outline using screenshot examples of the deliverable of release 0.1 for The Desktop Social Networking Integration (DSNI) project. More information about DSNI can be found in the project wiki.


The above shows an example of The Coop application with basic Twitter support. When The Coop is loaded the user is prompted with a login page. The prototype release (Coop 0.1) prompts the immediately prompts the user to the Facebook login page, the default social service, however this is not the case with DSNI release 0.1.

1. Login
In order to log into Twitter, you must click the pop-up drop down “log in” menu item of the “Friends” menu located on the top left corner of The Coop pane.


When selected The Coop will routinely open an authenticate window that loads the corresponding social service login page, which in this case its


2. View Friends
Upon a successful login, The Coop will build the pane with a list of friends I have in Twitter.


As you can see from above I have a total of five friends. Below is an updated screen shot of my friends pane that during an added mock-up friend used for development purposes called “tjduavisDev”.


3. View Messages
When the user selects one friend from the list, The Coop will transform that pane to contain only the selected friend with two additional controls: “back button” and the “more button”.

The below diagram shows the ability of viewing messages when the “more button” is selected. As specified in The Coop release 0.1 the default location of the “more button” points to the web service accounts message box page.


I did not have any messages from my new friends so in my mock up friend account, “tjduavisDev”, I sent a message to my own account “tjduavis”.


Now you can see below that I can access my message through The Coop.



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