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Milestone 1 – 0.1 Lessons Learned

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1. JavaScript is crazy / powerful. Mozilla the strong foundation.
Enough said! I’m not too sure about the origins of JavaScript but Mozilla’s got a strong source of reference.

2. Code walkthrough while researching and testing.
If you understand basic syntax and the general logic use debugging techniques then “hack away”! Don’t separate the tasks of researching, reading code and unit testing. I think its better to have something ugly then spend all day dreaming of something beautiful; you can always go back and refactor.

3. When performing code walkthroughs have clear objectives.
Document what you want to achieve as it walking through code can be very confusing and exhausting. Expect to have multiple drafts and to take various notes.

4. Use top-down and bottom-up approaches during code walkthroughs.
Don’t go too far in the bottom if you don’t need to.

Notable personal accomplishment
• Basic debugging knowledge and skill with Venkman
• Basic knowledge of console debugging (;1)
• Basic working knowledge of component classes
• Basic working knowledge of json, xml, and web service interaction (Twitter API, AJAX technology)

Final thoughts
I still got a lot to learn and improve on. Not trying to develop a code walkthrough methodology. I am just documenting and reflecting on my past experiences in hopes to better myself. So I look to have fun, stay positive and find challenging interesting programming projects/tasks to build myself on.


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