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patching lab complete, except with Shavers patch… but I’ll blog about after my first patch experience mentioning my thoughts.

Before actually applying a patch, I had no idea how it works… but what patching actually is, is what it it implies! it’s the logic and steps in manually “patching” or making changes to a source code…

1. you need to know where this source code is
2. you need to know the difference
3. and then you need to apply the changes.

So whats cool and trippy about the patch tool is that it all does it for you automatically! And you can also have options like reverting back the changes! (now I feel like I work too hard as a coder :P)

Now on to shaver’s patch… we [dps909 classmates and I conducted a lab session] were not able to apply the patch… our theory is that the patch applies to a source code that is a month old and therefore we don’t have the correct version… but that makes me wonder… i should compare the actual function in shavers patch to the local version…. hmmmm

all for now about the patch lab! I shall strive to work less harder… in mundane coding tasks 😛


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