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TJ socializing on the WWW

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TJ is on Facebook! Wow the inevitable happened!

Original thoughts is social life on the net…hmmm seems skeptical! My main issue (or “Beef”) with socializing on the internet besides information about you is available on the World Wide Web, is that I think most of the actual socializing that occurs over the internet is subject to pretense. Most of the confrontations that occur on the net (either good or bad) when the opportunity is presented in real life, there you would find a HUGE difference between the online and offline content!

No one can deny that we are in the age of information thus socializing online is essential these days (especially for an aspiring Software Engineer like myself) and has tremendous potential!

Watching Facebook’s API presentation was really cool and is a true testament in how the future of software development is being integrated in online social networks.

Other thoughts come to mind is a need for integration with communication services. Just think of the number of social services out there: Instant Messengers and Email (Yahoo, MSN, Gmail/Gtalk), IRC, Blogs, Social networking websites (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster), Etc.
This is why I think Havoc (from Red Hat) philosophy’s for the “desktop as a single user experience” is really cool endeavour.

The “beef” I have with the World Wide Web as a social platform can easily occur offline. The main issue is not with the technology but how we use it as an individual. Which is why….

1. I am glad and excited to have the opportunity to do developing on the DPS909 Desktop Social Networking Integration. I hope that my contributions will lead to a more safe and useful tool for socializing online!

… And…

2. Now I have an excuse to get on Facebook …because you know what! I’m tired of getting left out by all my friends on Facebook! :(… hahahaha!


One thought on “TJ socializing on the WWW

  1. Well TJ welcome to the wonderful world of Facebook. I remember myself dismissing all of the social networking websites a few months ago as well, that is until I discovered how easy it is to share photos with my friends – who at that point were also all on Facebook already.

    In any case just wanted to say hello and good luck with your project, it was one of my potential projects before I selected the Plugin watcher so if you need some help with it perhaps we can discuss ways I could participate and contribute something.

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